In the ongoing attempts to clean up the looks of my '76 Shovel, I decided that I needed to get rid of a particular eye sore that resides right in between my rocker boxes. The oil line that feeds the front head was installed by the previous owner and consists of a couple of fittings, clamps, and some fuel hose. Ugly to say the least.

In my search to find a better option, I happened upon some split and looped brass oil lines from OLD-STF. The function of these lines is to feed the oil from the middle of the heads into the rocker boxes instead of from the rear rocker box. Not only would this make my engine look much better (especially with the cool loops), but it will also make sure that the front head is not starved for oil.

The installation process was very simple and only required a few hand tools and some thread sealing tape.

The first step was to get rid of that shitty little hose that had been ushering oil between the two heads.

I then removed the rear oil line that feeds oil from the cases up to the rear rocker box.

The kit comes with a great little allen head plug for the rear rocker box where the oil line was removed. Once installed, it is flush and unnoticeable.

Next I installed the looped lines. The fittings go on first and then each line is installed individually. I left the lines fairly loose so that there would be some wiggle room for installing the feed line.

Once I had the upper lines installed, I hooked up the T fitting that connects the two, the oil fitting from the lower end, and the feed line that goes from the cases to the T fitting.

After everything was put together, it was just a matter of tightening all of the fittings and connections and it was good to go.

I love the new look and hopefully it will help to keep my Shovel lubed up and running strong.

Keep it Filthy...