Back in June - Friday the 13th to be exact - Old Filthy RC got the go ahead to split our patch and become a full fledged MC. To celebrate, we wanted to throw a party to commemorate the event as well as show our appreciation to all the other Clubs, as well as those who have supported us over the past year. Here are some photos...

3 THOUGHTS ON “Old Filthy MC Patch Party”

by David G.

Congrats to Sin and all the gang. I really enjoyed meeting everyone, you all made me feel so welcome and comfortable! Onward and upward! David

by Debbie Beck

Big Congrats to you!! You have come a long way and are very deserving. The party was a great success with beautiful weather and great people!
Aunt Deb

by Shuffles

I’m very proud of all you guys. You guys have worked very hard to get here!