If you happen to be down at the Giddy Up Vintage Chopper Show next Saturday (March 28th) come by and check out SINTAX's Evo Chopper he built over the winter. You can also pick up a free copy of the March issue of The Clubhouse Magazine (or read it online). - SIN

If you happen to come across the July issue of The Clubhouse Magazine (or feel like reading it online here), check out pages 34 & 35. My newly redone Sporty got a two page spread. And yes, they blurred out my air cleaner cover. - SIN

Back in March, during the Giddy Up Vintage Bike Show, Old Filthy's very own SINTAX was approached by both the editor and photographer from The Clubhouse Magazine regarding his freshly rebuilt 1976 Shovelhead. After spending some time talking about and photographing the bike, an offer for both a cover feature and three page article with centerfold was discussed for an upcoming issue. Here it is just two months later and the issue is hitting newsstands now.