We've been quiet. So much so that one may think that the past couple weeks here at Old Filthy Headquarters was uneventful. Well I'm happy to report that couldn't be further from the truth. Sure, we've all been hard at work on our own winter projects (seems like they mostly involve very temperamental Shovelheads), but as a Club we've been focused on stepping up our game - namely our web presence.

Unless you're new to our scene, you've undoubtably followed us from our Tumblr site. Occasionally we'd toss up a video over on our Vimeo channel. And that was all fine and good in the beginning. But we're growing. Not just in our membership, but in what we want Old Filthy, and more specifically Old Filthy Brand, to become. We've launched a brand new Instagram feed (yeah, we're like the last ones to that party) and are starting to roll out lots of new merchandise.

Another item to briefly mention, and perhaps the most exciting of the news, is that we've started working on some events that will take place this year. Some will be joint efforts where we will lend a hand and help promote, and another one or two will be completely unique to us. If you're in the Austin area, or feel like visiting one of the most rad cities in this great country of ours, be sure to stay tuned.

So, with all that having been said. Thank you for continuing to take interest in what we are doing here at Old Filthy. If you'd like to support us, and have some spare scratch, be sure to check out some of the gear and merchandise we have for sale. If you do get something, be sure to shoot us a photo or two of how you put it to use. And as always, and perhaps most importantly... stay Filthy.